creating a great place to work

in a financial services organisation, changed business priorities and operational practices signaled the need for changes to some internal support services

we were asked to create interventions that would help identify the specific issues and change requirements and the associated implications of change at the individual, departmental and organisation levels

our approach was to engage volunteers, from cross-functional teams, in creative fact-finding and output driven sessions. Each participant took responsibility for conducting specific reconnaissance, planning and actions and for widening engagement and input.

the sessions encouraged participants to exchange and build upon each others ideas and unique perspectives. Innovative solutions were explored and developed including improvements to some working practices that they identified as outmoded and ineffective.

new departmental protocols were determined and a design company was engaged to ensure that the desired physical changes to the head office environment were aesthetically pleasing and coherent and deliverable within an agreed budget.

the outcomes from these interventions supported the sustainable development goals of the organisation. Feedback from this project was extremely positive, as was the reaction to the changes that followed and recognition of the employee engagement process was noted in the next round of employee surveys.