organisation consulting

developing organisational capacity to realise change goals and ambitions

whether the focus is on achieving a departmental, functional or organisation wide change, we always work in partnership with clients. This enables ownership of the change to remain firmly with the client organisation.
our role in the partnership is to design processes and create interventions that develop the organisational capacity to:

  • examine, clarify and address the change challenge
  • identify organisational issues and develop solutions
  • determine and achieve change goals

these consulting interventions and processes encourage dialogue, participation and ownership of the change agenda by surfacing, exploring and clarifying:

Rationale - the logical case for change
Politics - how individual and group interests are influenced by the change
Inspirations - the motivation and the vision for change
Emotions - how people’s feelings are affected by the change
Mindsets - the guiding beliefs and assumptions underpinning the change
Psychological aspects - anxieties about and resistance to the change

clients gain considerable advantages by working in this way with our consultants. Most significant is the knowledge, skills and experiential learning, gained throughout the consulting process, which leads to:

  • a comprehensive understanding and awareness of the implications of change
  • an awareness of how to engage hearts and minds in the change process
  • greater insights into how to address underlying anxieties about change
  • improved capability for developing relevant change interventions
  • increased capacity to realise current & future change ambitions