board director – london design agency

Jeanette supported me during my role as Marketing Controller, responsible for Granada plc’s UK retail chain of 450 shops and all customer communications.

Granada at this time, was a very challenging environment in which to work as it was an established business trying to transform itself to adapt to new opportunities and changes in customer demand.

Jeanette acted as a beacon to follow during this very difficult time.  With a strong belief that organisations are capable of change, she was always positive and offered constructive practical methods for me and the other managers to work with and aim for.

On a personal note, Jeanette gave me a lot of positive feedback about aspects of my management style and challenged me to think about other areas I needed to develop. Her feedback was always well thought out, well articulated and delivered with honesty and diplomacy. This helped me to progress in Granada and then beyond that to board director of a London design agency. She helped me to build my confidence beyond my sphere as a Marketeer and made me consider things like my personal impact on my peers and bosses.

  Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Jeanette again on a project for ABN Amro. Again, Jeanette showed her skill in handling situations that were fairly emotionally charged where people were initially reluctant and cynical about getting involved in the process that management were suggesting. With expertise and tact she managed to turn this situation around.  People started to trust that their ideas and opinions would be listened to and acted on where it was possible. She made it look easy to get 30, highly paid bank employees, with strong opinions, focused on delivering solutions that they all felt they could support.

I would recommend Jeanette to anyone who is trying to steer an organisation and its employees through a challenging time.