action learning sets

developing capability to achieve performance excellence

action learning is an approach to individual, group and organisation development that was originally developed by
Reg Revans in the UK and has been developed globally over five decades.

working in small groups, known as ‘sets’ participants, often from various business streams within the same company, meet regularly to tackle complex organisational issues and learn from their attempts to change things.

here participants are guided through an iterative cycle of: planning; action; reflection; and insightful inquiry
this process enables participants to learn how best they can work, relate and perform together to:
  • address specific business challenges
  • achieve company goals

ultimately, the learning set becomes self-facilitating. However initially, an experienced consultant, or, ‘set advisor’ encourages
all participants to:
  • explore personal and practical issues relating to business challenges
  • share learning experiences
  • set experiential learning goals that support performance excellence
  • evolve best practice

beyond the knowledge gained from action learning, relationships form which:
  • significantly improve cross boundary collaboration
  • develop organisational capacity to address emerging business challenges