developing an internal consulting team

in a financial services organisation, changed business priorities and operational practices signaled the need for changes to some internal support services.

a priority goal was to sufficiently broaden the skills and abilities of an existing internal learning and development team, enabling them to provide the quality organisation development (OD) consulting services required by the business partners.

a modular development programme was created for the team. Over a period of 18 months, the team met bi-monthly to learn, practice, and model new consulting skills.

action learning sets were incorporated into the design of programme.
Here, with the support of a senior consultant, set members worked on real individual and organisation issues and challenges together, whilst practicing and developing their consulting skills in a safe environment.

practicing together, within the action learning sets, helped them to identify and formulate appropriately stretching and relevant development tasks and goals, for achievement between sessions and for review in subsequent sessions.

the teamsí consulting skills and abilities developed considerably over the course of this programme, enabling them to deliver more appropriate services to business partners.

additionally, the development process had a significant positive impact on team morale and cohesiveness.