company owner – boutique chalet holiday company

We have worked with transitions consulting on various projects relating to the conception, development, launch and ongoing growth of our business, for the past 8 years. They have enabled us to create successful and lasting outcomes which have benefited us, our employees and our business.

Jeanette is highly skilled at helping us get to the heart of an issue and to make the difficult decisions. At the same time, she re-ignites our enthusiasm and confidence to drive the decisions through.

For example:

  • the recent recession hit us at a time when we were planning to expand. Jeanette helped us face up to and take some tough decisions that were pivotal to the ongoing success of business. Rather than expand, we focused on growing repeat business, by finding ways to exceed customer expectations through quality service standards. This proved highly successful with repeat business up to 52% of total sales.
  • When my business partner was out of action for a season, due to an accident, Jeanette helped me optimise the change opportunity. Rather than take on more responsibility, she encouraged me to share ownership and responsibility with the team. The net business result was a more confident, better trained team with clearer boundaries of responsibility and more ownership within their roles. This change directly led to higher levels of customer service. Currently, our independent customer service survey rates our service as 100%.