global vice president HRM - global information & services company

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeanette over a number of years in a variety of organisational contexts. This has included partnering with Jeanette on work to support organisational, team and individual development.

Jeanette has a great depth of skill and ability to establish intimacy and trust with clients, and from this, develops strong coaching relationships to powerfully support and challenge. She adopts a holistic client centred approach, that is performance and development focused. This approach enables the client, or clients, to explore self in relation to work, relationships, and organisational and career challenges. The approach has led to sustainable breakthrough outcomes and results, that integrate and balance the needs of the client and their organisational context.

The above approach is supported by a clear code of practice and strong value set from Jeanette. In addition, Jeanette pulls on leading theory, and practice experience, to support the clients reflection, enquiry and development.

Jeanette is very transparent and manages clearly the boundaries of the relationship. In addition, she powerfully uses her own self, experience and processes, to add to the enquiry and reflection to aid and support learning.

I have learnt a great deal personally and enjoyed and continue to enjoy the value of the partnering relationship with Jeanette.

I would argue that Jeanette is one of a rare breed of executive and team coaches, who truly operate from a client centred approach. I believe this is, along with the qualities, skills and capabilities Jeanette holds, make her an extremely talented leader in this area and she as a result, can add distinctive value.