leadership development challenge

the founder and director of an established and growing NGO needed help developing the capability of the company’s newly formed leadership team, following a restructure.

a primary aim was to help the inexperienced leaders find a way of working which would help them gain confidence in their individual and group decision making.

we designed a leadership development programme for this team that would encourage them to become self-supporting

in the initial session, participants were encouraged to explore:

  • their underlying assumptions about leadership
  • how their assumptions informed their understanding of the role
  • the strengths and limitations in their current ways of working

to enable them to more confidently share and work through individual, group and organisational issues, subsequent sessions focused on creating and maintaining:

  • a high support, high challenge working environment
  • a coaching style of questioning and listening

action learning was used to help develop their ability to make smart and well thought through decisions which could be comprehensively and clearly communicated to all stakeholder communities.